Since stammering is not a disease, there is no medicine or instrument to cure it. It occurs due to lack of confidence fear nervousness excitement and anticipation of blocking. My course is ideally designed to overcome all these problems and is purely a research-oriented practical course - a new concept for the first time in India and the world too. It is not speech therapy. There is a gulf of difference between speech therapy and my self-innovated practical course designed for stammering cure. The course has been developed over several years of research by analyzing thousands of stammering people and proper blending of intelligence, experience and creativity.

Students are doing the practices in Bangalore Centre

The course highlights are

Vocal Exercises

The vocal exercises quickly regularizes the flow of breathing (both inflow and outflow) to help you in speaking fluently, keeps your speech muscles relaxed and softens the delivery of speech.

Regulated Reading Practice

Reading practice (not plain reading) in a certain style helps you to control the speed of speaking. When the speed is controlled, you can easily co-ordinate thinking and speaking, bring back the natural rhythm thus helping you to speak fluently.

Inculcate correct style of speaking

I have developed an excellent fluent style of speaking to correct your defective speaking style. With this corrected style, you can comfortably speak without any stammering from the first day.

Auto Suggestion

Stammering is in the mind, not in the mouth. Auto suggestion will help to remove all your fear and negative thinking from the subconscious mind. Then your anticipation of stammering will be removed and you will speak normally.

Some of the other practices are : Over 500 practical instructions are given to tackle and overcome all types of stammering problem, practice for removal of consciousness in certain words, meditation, deep breathing exercise, visualization, relaxation, mirror practice, interaction and practice with strangers, telephone practice etc. From my wide experience of 19 Years, I am able to suggest instant solution for any stammering problem.

Microphone Public Speaking

One has to speak over microphone in a homely friendly and cordial environment in front of a group of people, reply to sudden questions, speak on certain topics, participate in group discussion etc. With our proper guidance, you will speak fluently which will help you to regain plenty of confidence and courage, drive out fear nervousness excitement from the mind. In this manner the entire system is rectified.


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