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"I am able to speak to my boss without stammering... After going through the course, my stammering has completely cured."

"We have searched in Google for Internationally best centre and we have selected Stammering Cure Centre, Bangalore of Mr. Partha Bagchi"

"Aap jab Public Speaking mein expert ho jaoge to phir aapko interview aur GD mein bhi problems nehi hogi... Aapka strangers fear bhi chala jayega"


  1. "My weakest point was my speech with severe stammering. After improving my communication from this course, it has turned out to be my biggest strength"
                                  KARTHIK.T.N              20-YEARS       (VIZAG)  
  2. "Previously my speech was not understandable due to fast and hurried speaking, but now I have learned to interact more clearly and people can easily understand what I speak".
                                RUCHIRA ARORA        24-YEARS         (DELHI)
  3. "My condition was so worse that I stopped speaking with friends and even to my parents. Now I am so courageous to speak confidently with anybody"
                              JEFF FERNANDEZ         19-YEARS           (GOA)
  4. "As a working person, first I did the practices with 'Correspondence Course' for a few months. I got amazing improvement in my speech. I wanted to attend the 'Regular Course' for a week and regained my complete fluency and confidence. This is ideal for a working professional like myself"
                            SYED AFZAL              29-YEARS             (NASIK)
  5. "I feel the practice of speaking over a microphone in front of a huge gathering is the most effective part of the Course. It boosted my confidence and removed all fear, shyness and nervousness"
                             SUMIT  BUDHRANI    26-YEARS            (MUMBAI)
  6. "By seeing my amazing improvement in just a few days, I feel that the techniques are really God-gifted. Only God can possibly give better techniques than Partha Sir"
                               VAMSI KRISHNA     38-YEARS           (HYDERABAD)
  7. "In every place that I attended to correct my speech problem, they have given only suggestions and advices to implement. But only here the practices and techniques are instant result-oriented. We don't have to do much; just doing the practices sincerely is enough"
                               ROHIT SINGH         25-YEARS            (MORADABAD)
  8. "Being a Hindi speaking person, my English was very weak. After just 12 days of classes I can speak English much more fluently. That is another additional thing I got from this course"
                             ROMIL GUPTA           22-YEARS              (LUCKNOW)
  9. "I am working in America for the last 20 years. After thoroughly practicing and following the style, I made a remarkable transformation of my speaking style within just 5 days in the hands of Mr. Bagchi. I don't know the appropriate words for Sir 'Magician', 'Angel' or The God of Stammering Cure"
                SANTANU GUPTA        47-YEARS            (LOS-ANGELES,USA)
  10. "In today world, sacrifices are rare, especially the level of sacrifice that Bagchi Sir has made for stammerers like me. I salute him for his dedication to his dream of helping countless people"
              CHRISTOPHER LOBO         34-YEARS             (MANGALORE)
  11. "I have not seen a person like Partha Sir who is respected so much by all alike. Now I understand that by a person good work, people will automatically respect him" 
              MANEKA PATEL                 23-YEARS                  (MUMBAI)
  12. "After getting a new lease of life, now I am spreading the message that stammering is easily curable at Stammering Cure Centre TM to fulfil Sir's mission of a 'STAMMERING – FREE' India"
              ATHAGATHA DATTA          31-YEARS                   (KOLKATA)
  13. "Previously I used to have very bad facial expressions and other abnormalities while speaking. Now everything is corrected with the suggested practices in this Centre"
             MD.IBRAHIM AHMED        23-YEARS                     (PATNA)
  14. "It is miraculous that Partha Sir alone can cure any type of stammering in just a few days. This Centre is blessed by God himself"
            SAMUEL GONSALVEZ          44-YEARS                     (MANGALORE)
  15. "Sir Partha Bagchi is like a God-sent person for all the stammerers like us, the re-incarnation of Swami Vivekananda, his Guruji"
            SUHASHISH BARDELOI      30-YEARS                      (GUWAHATI)
  16. "With the relaxed speaking style which I have learned from the Centre, I am cool and tension-free always and now thoughts come with a spontaneous flow"
             ANANT JHA                      33-YEARS                       (RANCHI)
  17. "When I first saw an advertisement that stammering is curable and that too within two weeks, I thought it's another fake money-making Institute. But after seeing the selfless Godly dedication of Sir and Madam to help the needy, I consider this Centre my temple and Sir & Madam as the presiding deities"
            PINAKIN SHAH                  28-YEARS                     (AHMEDABAD)
  18. "The mocking and humiliation due to stammering made me hate myself. Many times I tried to put an end to all troubles by ending my life. After doing the course, Sir's words have truly been the ray of hope in my life. I am now enjoying this new confident and hopeful life only because of Sir and this course"
         RITESH SHARMA                 26-YEARS                       (GURGAON)
  19. "I asked sir at the starting of Chennai Workshop 'I have had 25 years of stammering. How can it be cured in just 14 days"? After completing the course I said "Sir, ten days are enough for the cure"
             PARTHASARATHY.Y.              50-YEARS                         (CHENNAI)
  20. "In Stammering Cure CentreTM we are from different States, different cultures, different communities, but we all feel like the members of a single big joint family. The atmosphere is so homely and friendly that it feels like a home away from home"
           H.K.SUNDARAM                     25-YEARS                          (COIMBATORE)
  21. "The entire course is very professionally managed but at the same time informal, comfortable and practically very effective"
         SHREYAS RAO                    18-YEARS                              (HYDERABAD)
  22. " had started the course with lots of doubt but after listening to the introductory speech of Partha Sir, 50% of my stammering just vanished"
        PABITRA CHAUDHURI         19-YEARS                             (KOLKATA)
  23. "I have given him birth as a father but Partha Bagchi Sir has given him a beautiful life by gifting his speech to him – He is the Godfather"
  24. "When I was doing my Medical PG abroad, I had seen a lot of websites and books by foreign authors, tried all possible methods, but after joining the course my speech disruptions vanished immediately. I was surprised by the creative and highly intellectual thoughts of Bagchi Sir. It is undoubtedly the world's best techniques"
               DINESH.S                     30-YEARS                        (LONDON,UK)
  25. "Everyday Sir's inspirational motivational speeches mesmerize all of us. All the negative belief system changes instantaneously and instead positive optimistic and hopeful thoughts take its place"
             KISHANPAL SINGH         17-YEARS                      (LUDHIANA)
  26. "I thank this Centre for providing an excellent platform to develop communication and speaking skills. We get to meet a lot of new people at the Centre with whom I mix up very well due to the new confidence I got from this course"
              KARIM KHAN               31-YEARS                      (GWALIOR)
  27. "After getting cheated from various places, I had lost all hopes of getting cured from stammering. When I came to know about this Centre, I had 90% faith in getting cheated and only 10% hope of getting cured. I thought that after having withstood so much, let me just take one more chance. Now I am completely cured and I thank God always for making me take that chance"
             UMESH MAHAPATRA        26-YEARS                  (CUTTACK)
  28. "For the last 10 years, I browsed the internet thoroughly and got utterly disappointed. I gathered tons of information about stammering. Some of them were misleading, depressing, contradicting and even hopeless, with hardly a few research studies on the topic. But nobody could give any practical solutions to cure the problem. After joining the course with Mr. Bagchi, I finally got the solution that I was desperately seeking for over decades to fix my stammering problem in just 7 days"
              DENNIS WARNER         39-YEARS            (SYDNEY,AUSTRALIA)
  29. "On the first day of the course, Sir had told me that he has started the Centre according to the directions of God. God plus me run the Centre. During the course in Bangalore, I felt the entire environment of the Centre so divine and spiritual. Really God is helping us through the Angel Partha Bagchi Sir who is honest, caring, affectionate and ever-smiling with kind heart and a helping mind. I consider him as my Spiritual Guru in life"
               SUMIT PANDEY          24-YEARS            (VARANASI)
  30. "I am an IIT-an working in USA. I have been to many counselors and therapists for my stammering problem, but all in vain. After doing the course for just 5 days, I fulfilled my dream of being an excellent communicator. It is really a gem of techniques"
               PRATIK GOEL          30-YEARS            (CALIFORNIA,USA)
  31. "The amazing speaking style that I learnt from here makes me cool, calm, relaxed, confident and composed at all times. It earned appreciations and praises from all my teachers and friends. Now I am ready to attend any job interview"
             ROHIT-HOLLA         26-YEARS             (RANCHI)
  32. "I always thought that stammering is just stammering, same for all. After attending the course, I understood that there are both general and specific factors that Sir had no problem identifying and correcting at all. His knowledge and expertise is priceless. HE IS A LIVING LEGEND. "
            PARICHAY SAHNI         31-YEARS           (AMRITSAR)
  33. "I thank God now for making me a stammerer and letting me this course and meet Partha Sir. It may seem funny and silly but it is a fact. Had it not been for this course, I would have lived a fluent but an average successful life. Now I am living my life ready to face the world and fulfill all my dreams. This course has totally transformed my charisma and personality. I really owe it all to Sir. "
              KAILASH NAIR            22-YEARS           (CALICUT)
  34. "Not only have I cured my stammering with the help of this course, but I have also appeared for my dream interview and secured the job with an MNC since Mr. Bagchi had totally groomed me like a mentor and guide. "
              ALOKESH DWIVEDI           24-YEARS           (AHMEDABAD)
  35. "Before attending the course, I was convinced that stammering is impossible to cure but now I am confident that it is impossible for anyone to not get cured from Stammering Cure Centre TM at the hands of Partha Sir "
              SANJAY PANIGRAHI           25-YEARS          (PUNE)
  36. "We stammerers can also dream of a successful life and live it. Thanks to Mr. Bagchi and his dedicated efforts to give us new life. May God bless him and Stammering Cure Centre TM for the good work they are doing"
            JACOB MATHEW                   34-YEARS           (DUBAI,UAE)



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