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The Regular Course Fee is Rs. 30,000 for any language. It includes two PRACTICE MATERIAL BOOKS (around 100 pages each), three CDs and 'STAMMERING A SURE CURE' book (200 pages) written by Partha Bagchi, the only practical and authentic book on this subject in the history of stammering cure in India. The practice material is available in English, Hindi, Kannada and Bengali. The Regular Course duration is for 2 weeks. The classes go on at our centre in Bangalore from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, the centre remains closed.

You can start any day as we have a dynamic batch system. The days and timings for attending the classes are also kept flexible so that you can attend the classes based on your convenient timings. For people studying or working in Bangalore, you can attend the course during Saturdays or any other holidays throughout the week. For students, the summer holidays and semester holidays is the ideal time to plan this course.


After doing the practices regularly and sincerely, instant improvement results from the very beginning. As improvement is a process, you will find a steady development and improvement :

  • You will get a regular inflow and outflow of breathing.
  • You will be able to control unnecessary speed and force while speaking.
  • You will be able to co-ordinate thinking and speaking.
  • Your speech muscles will get relaxed.
  • Rectify abnormal facial movements and body gestures.
  • You will overcome fear, hesitation, excitement and nervousness.
  • Your newly built self confidence and self belief will come to make it easy to speak without stammering.

Each of the practices in our course has their own different benefits and the combined benefits of all these practices together are huge and marvellous. We believe that the best can also become better. At any time, if we find any shortcoming in the techniques, immediately we update them and introduce new techniques to make it more practical and instant result-oriented. So many instructions are given, both To-Dos and Not-To-Dos, to follow in day to day practical life. Along with that, our fabulous team is knowledgeable and experienced to answer all your queries, understand your exact problem and help you rectify it easily. We help you understand your speech mechanism and help you control it so that the stammering does not occur. This helps you speak fluently and easily.




BOOK YOUR SEAT : It is always better to take the smart life-saving decision to join the course by planning early, especially if you are from outside Bangalore. There are over 5 crore people suffering from stammering in India and even more worldwide. So you can imagine the rush at the Centre that could prevent you from getting a seat for Regular Course and from getting a new life. Especially during the summer vacations of schools and colleges, the rush is overwhelming. Contact immediately and inform us the dates during which you are planning to attend the course at Bangalore. The money paid as booking fees will be treated as an advance for the Regular Course Fee. In case the booking amount is paid and you are not able to attend the course at the tentative time, your money can be adjusted against the correspondence course fee, if you opt so, or you can join the regular course at any later date.

BOOK YOUR TICKETS : You can come to Bangalore (or Bengaluru) by flight, train or bus.

By Flight : You can book your tickets to Bangalore or Bengaluru, Kempegowda International Airport (formerly known as Bengaluru International Airport). From the Airport, you can take a cab to J. P. Nagar, 2nd Phase or to your hotel. Comfortable AC Volvo buses are also available like Bus No. 5 (Get down at R.V. Dental College Bus Stop) and Bus No. 12 (Get down at Delmia Circle Bus Stop). For more details, contact us before hand and we will guide you.

By Train : You can preferably book your tickets to Bangalore City Railway Station. Next option would be to book your tickets to Yeshwantpur Railway Station or Bangalore Cantonment Railway Station. If, for some reason, you are not able to get the tickets, you can try to book tickets till Mysore, Chennai or Hyderabad and then avail buses or trains from there to Bangalore which are more frequent and available. After reaching Bangalore, you can come to J.P. Nagar, 2nd Phase by auto-rickshaw. For more details, contact us before hand and we will guide you.

By Bus : Book your ticket to Bangalore or Bengaluru. Ask the conductor for the nearest stop to J.P. Nagar, 2nd Phase. For more details, contact us before hand and we will guide you.

BOOK YOUR STAY : Accommodation can be arranged for you at a guest house nearby at Rs. 450/- per day per person. If you wish, you can also inquire with us about the nearby hotels.



I understand the practical difficulties of many people about coming to Bangalore for doing the 'Regular Course' to cure stammering because of unavailability of time and suitable opportunity. With that in mind, I have developed a unique 'Correspondence Course' with the help of my extensive research since 29 years. It is designed in such a manner so that anybody and everybody whatever may be the age and the extent of stammering can cure it easily and surely within a short period of time. Lot of innovative thoughts, intelligent and imaginative planning and 29 years of my vast experience and research has been blended together to make the stammering cure more practically effective for everybody.

It is not like other home courses which are advice-oriented and either common-sensical or too complicated. In our two Practice Material Books several varieties of practices and techniques are prescribed along with proper guidelines, suitable time and place for doing the practices, their benefits, etc. A total planning chart gives the order in which you have to do practice and its duration. All the practices are clearly demonstrated in the CDs how to do it correctly. In addition to that, you can choose to have a free Skype or telephonic session with us.

You can choose to take the Regular Course or Correspondence course in any of the four languages (English, Hindi, Kannada or Bengali) based on your convenience and the language you are comfortable with.

The English Correspondence Course Fee is Rs. 5500/-. The course material is the same as the regular course. It includes two English Practice Material Books (over 100 pages each), three English CDs and 'Stammering A Sure Cure' book in English (over 200 pages) written by Partha Bagchi, the only practical and authentic book on this subject in the history of stammering cure in India.

The Hindi Correspondence Course Fee is Rs. 4500/-. It has the same materials in Hindi as in the Regular Course, which consists of two Hindi Practice Material Books (each around 100 pages), three Hindi CDs and 'Haklahat Ka Nishchit Upchar' book of around 200 pages (Hindi translation of the book ‘Stammering A Sure Cure’ by Partha Bagchi).

The Bengali Correspondence Course Fee is Rs. 4500/-. It has the same materials in Bengali as in the Regular Course, which consists of two Bengali Practice Material Books (each around 100 pages), three Bengali CDs and ‘Totlaami Shohojei Shaare’ book of around 200 pages (Bengali translation of the book ‘Stammering A Sure Cure’ by Partha Bagchi).

The Kannada Correspondence Course Fee is Rs. 4500/-. It has the same materials in Kannada as in the Regular Course, which consists of two Kannada Practice Material Books (each around 100 pages), three Kannada CDs and ‘Todalu Nivaaraneya Sulabha Vidhaana’ book of around 200 pages (Kannada translation of the book ‘Stammering A Sure Cure’ by Partha Bagchi).

The English Children's Correspondence Course Fee is Rs. 3000/-. It includes one Practice Material book, one CD and ‘Stammering A Sure Cure’ book by Partha Bagchi.



Once you have decided to change your life by changing the way you speak, act immediately and join the course. It is an excellent idea to get around 2 weeks time to attend the Regular Course in Bangalore. But if it is difficult to get leave, we have an attractive effective alternative plan specially designed for busy people like you.

At first, you can order the Correspondence Course immediately. Start doing the practices with the help of the instructions and the demonstrations given in the practice material books and the CDs. This way the improvement starts instantly. If you do not want to miss out on the benefits of the Regular Course like the Microphone Public Speaking exercises, personal care, individual attention and other practical tips and suggestions specific to your problem, you can join the Regular Course in Bangalore at a time that is convenient to you.

When you join the Regular course at Bangalore, you will definitely get faster results in lesser number of days since you have already gone through the practices and techniques. You can even shorten the duration by planning a one week Regular course at Bangalore. I assure you that more personal attention and care will be given for your faster and more solid recovery from stammering. The repertoire of techniques and expertise that I have, possess the potential to cut through and eliminate any kind of stammering.

This is a revolution that my course and techniques have brought to the world in the field of stammering cure.


1. STAMMERING A SURE CURE" – by PARTHA BAGCHI (200 PAGES) A complete, practical book on stammering cure for the first time in India by PARTHA BAGCHI, one of the greatest motivational award-winning personalities of India. This book’s acclaim is not just in India but also World-wide. It has also been translated in Hindi, Bengali and Kannada and is awaiting translation in many more languages.

The highlights of the book are:

  • Solutions and not just advices to overcome stammering
  • Hundreds of effective practical instructions and suggestions to tackle and solve all types of stammering problems.
  • 25 specific techniques to practice and follow.
  • Guidance to parents for child stammering.
  • Self directions (over 125 points) to strengthen your mind.
  • Solutions for 100 common problems.
  • Over 320 motivational quotations by world famous personalities.
  • Effective suggestions on how to Develop self confidence.
  • Instil belief and faith in yourself.
  • Build up positive attitude and thinking.
  • Overcome telephone phobia.
  • Increase willpower.
  • Control your mind (conscious and subconscious)
  • Practical instructions on how to overcome/control fear, worry, tension and nervousness, depression, inferiority complex, anger, excitement, consciousness on specific words, etc.

STAMMERING A SURE CURE' book is not available for sale individually. It is available in the Regular Course or Correspondence Course ONLY.


This course material is the life-saving collection of World’s best practices and techniques developed by Partha Bagchi through his 29 plus years of dedicated service in the field of stammering cure. Its conceptualization started with his successful attempts to overcome his own severe stammering problem of over 26 years. Over the years, the techniques and practices have been rectified, updated, upgraded and bettered with sincere efforts to offer the best cure to stammering persons all over the World. It has also been translated in Hindi, Bengali and Kannada and is awaiting translation in many more languages. 

These books consist of a unique set of solutions to the various specific problems faced by stammering persons like never before. The solutions are practical, logical, effective, simple, easy and do-able. It also highlights a special section on preparing stammering persons for Interviews and Group Discussions (GD). There are also three additional CDs to demonstrate and help you practice in the correct way and overcome your stammering. This combination of the books and CDs will lead you through the steps of getting rid of your stammering and perfecting your speech. This book is not available for sale individually. It is a part of the Regular Course or Correspondence Course ONLY.

Partha Bagchi has also written many other motivational, inspiring and self-improvement books on various topics/subjects. Some of them are :

A complete practical book, that is informative, methodical, practical, effective and the best presented book in India. This book will surely be your path finder for planned, effective and the best preparation for interviews. This book is effective for all types of interviews. You can now dream big and make your dreams come true.

Extremely useful for students of professional courses (Engineering, MBA, MCA, BBA, BBM, etc.), BPOs professionals, Sales and Marketing personnels, IT Professionals and job seekers. Acquire the basic skills of public speaking, prepare for a good presentation and to present an excellent speech – A winning presentation.

This book will totally transform you into a confident person, ever–ready to face the challenges of the world. The world is full of unsuccessful people who have lot of talent but lack in confidence. Don't be one of them. Self Confidence is the foundation behind all great success and achievement. Cultivate super confidence to liberate your power and focus it to transform your life to excel in all spheres.

An impressive and powerful personality is an important quality for all-round development. This book will be a turning point in your life to build up an admirable and charismatic personality. It will provide valuable practical guidelines for the conscious process of self improvement and personal skill development.

Realistic and practical solutions (rather than advices) presented in a classic style in an easy to understand manner, this valuable book guides you to eliminate the needless stress and take control over your happiness and peace of mind. Free yourself from stress by putting into practice these effective and easy techniques to practice.

Anger is very powerful and harmful for you and your health, career and relationships. If not managed properly, you create a cycle of negative thoughts and behaviours that destroy your entire life. Change your anger pattern, change your life. Transform your thought pattern into a healthy and constructive one. Learn to convert anger into positive energy and lead a happy peaceful and satisfied life.

In today’s world, education is more about competition and excelling records. But how can one do so? The answer is this informative, methodical, practical, effective and neatly presented book. This book is extremely useful for school students, college (degree/professional courses) students and parents also. Maximize your marks by smart study strategies presented in this book.

This book will be a ray of hope for the sufferers to overcome dark gloomy feelings. It is a comprehensive and user-friendly guide that explains in a simple manner the known causes, symptoms and precautions to stay depression-free in future and control mood swing. Get back your happy and healthy state of mind

Are you over 30 years? Want to remain the same age for another 20 years? If yes, this book is really meant for you-'A Life Saver & Life Giver'. This book will act as your 'Friend Philosopher and Guide' to use your hidden 'Dynamic Body Power' to look and feel young and stop aging. Completely revolutionize your life and optimize your potential for a long and healthy life. Add many quality years to your life.

Stressed out? Mentally exhausted? Frustrated in life? A dynamic book for IT Professionals, BPO's, busy Executives and ambitious Businessmen. Make your life happy, cheerful and enjoy a more fulfilled life.

No medicine, No dieting, No vigorous exercise. From fat to fit. The highlights of the book – some simple weight loss programs, different combinations of a healthy diet, keys to maintain a healthy and slim body, special simple exercises to reduce weight and many practical tips.

A useful book for the whole family. Never before a book comprising so many important topics. Exclusive for IT Professionals, executives, managers, professionals, business persons and all other professionals. This extremely valuable book guides you to redirect your life, balance it right, self grooming strategies, motivational wisdom, revitalize your mind, negate the negatives, take care of your health, etc.

A sound night's sleep provides the much needed rest, rejuvenates and recharges both physically and mentally. Know the causes of inadequate and disturbed sleep. Plenty of practical suggestions are given for sure-shot good night's sleep today and every day.

Quotations are not merely a few lines or sentences but valuable experience from the life of great people in the world. Get inspired, motivated and charged up with the words of great people. This is your chance to learn the priceless lessons of a lifetime in a jiffy.

An innovative approach to improve your English. Use impressive, classy English both in writing and in speaking to project your quality and enhance your confidence and self esteem made possible with this book.

18. 501 HANDY FAMILY TIPS (Rs. 120)
This book gives hundreds of useful practical tips on household stocks, kitchen, cleaning and maintenance, home appliances, cooking, dressing and jewellery.

19. REDISCOVER YOUR LIFE (Rs. 500 for 1 Book and 2 CDs)
Conceptualised and Written by Upasana Bagchi
Has your life become dull, empty, boring and meaningless? Are you frustrated and fed up of the way your life has become? Then this book is your life saver. (Literally!!!) The chapters in this book open our eyes to the undeniable inspirations in life that are present all around us but we fail to see it. It helps you simplify your life so that you can reclaim all the useful energy and potential from within to achieve all your dreams and get back your peace of mind. Not just that, it also comes with two meditation CDs that will let you relax in the face of all stresses of life and never let you forget your own worth.

Contact immediately and get a copy of these books now!
Bulk orders get special discounts!




My vision and mission is always to cure maximum number of stammering persons all over India with particular emphasis on middle class and those weaker in financial affordability. With that in view, I always maintain a very reasonable course fee to fulfil my mission to make a stammering-free society. Over the years, I have been giving advertisements in the media to spread awareness about the nature of stammering and that is curable. I have advertised in most of the reputed regional newspapers of India to make maximum number of people aware of this course and in a year, my media expenses rise to a massive amount. I, as an individual, am trying my level best to conduct mass awareness programmes to spread the news that 'Stammering is not a disease and it can be cured'. I am content that at least I am the only one doing this noble work since the past 29 years and will continue to do so as long as I possibly can.

In fact, I have sacrificed my life, career and family by leaving the profession of a Chartered Accountant and have taken the plunge into a neglected unpredictable field of stammering cure. I accepted the challenge and with my strong dedication, perseverance, innovation, imagination and creative thoughts and ideas, coupled with never-to-leave determined mindset. I make it possible to cure stammering and that too in such a less number of days easily and surely. Initially, it was a huge challenge for me, but now I have become the expert in this field with over 29 years of experience.

The Regular Course Fee is Rs. 30,000/- and the Correspondence Course Fee is Rs. 5,500/- for English and Rs. 4,500/- for Hindi, Kannada and Bengali. Moreover, besides stammering cure, the Regular Course will considerably improve your personality, sharpen communication skills, boost up confidence, strengthen your fluency in English speaking, develop positive attitude, enrich ambition level, enhance free mixing with people, make you well prepared to excel in interviews, better your challenging skill and have a relaxed mindset with complete command over negative thoughts, temper, anger and depression. In short, it will transform you totally into a fluent speaker with a confident personality. All these things come as a package along with stammering cure and that too in the same 'Course Fee'.

Keep in mind that what you are investing as 'Course Fees' is small as compared to what you are getting in return – A BRIGHT, PROSPEROUS AND SUCCESSFUL LIFE.



You can pay the Booking Fee or the Regular Course Fee or the Correspondence Course Fee by any of the following modes of payment :

  • You can pay through our website www.stammeringcurecentre.com under the Courses section.
  • You can pay by cash in our Bangalore Office at #583, 12th A Cross, 8th Main, 2nd Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bangalore - 560078.
  • You can deposit the amount in our bank account. You can enquire with us for the bank details.
  • The fastest way to pay is Electronic/Online Transfer and it is more convenient nowadays. You can enquire with us for the bank details.
  • You can send the money by Bank Demand Draft in favour of “STAMMERING CURE CENTRE” or “PARTHA BAGCHI” payable in Bangalore by Courier to our centre’s address as given in this website.
  • You may also pay by depositing a cheque into our account, but please keep in mind that it will take minimum 3 working days for the entire process.
  • For people outside India, you can transfer the amount using Western Union Money Transfer and give us the details.



  • It has come to my notice that many fake incompetent people claim to cure stammering by using my name, as if it is a branch of Stammering Cure Centre® or by adding some words before of after Stammering Cure Centre. We have no branch anywhere in India or any other country. Our only institute is in Bangalore.
  • Many people have tried duplicating my techniques or claiming them as their own devised techniques. But I am pioneer since over 29 years, so you decide who is more genuine and competent. Knowing what to do is not the same as knowing how to do it correctly and effectively.
  • Many inexperienced people are claiming to be specialists and prescribing strong medicines which may have serious side-effects. Please use your common sense and do not take medicines or undergo surgeries for treating a bad habit and jeopardize your health and life. Do not be duped by such ridiculous claims. Their main motive is to earn whatever maximum money they can and disappear from the scene. Be alert not to fall into their trap and get cheated.

It is my duty to make you cautious and it is your responsibility to be careful. The only place that I can guarantee that you will get cured is : Stammering Cure Centre®.



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